Friday, December 19, 2008


Scampi and I were taking over Mom's work blog, so she made us start our own, which is ok with me, that way I don't have to share our photos with the cats!
Mom had Kira first, but she was lonely after Shannon had passed on the rainbow bridge.Shannon

So mom brought Kira to Border Collie rescue in Deland ,Florida, and let her play with different doggies until she found me, Scampi! I am kind of small for my breed, but Kira is a wuss and I can beat her up easily. So Kira told Mom that I needed a new home and she brought me to my new home. Mom says I am difficult, I am scared of men, they are big and they used to hurt me, but I am learning. Mom makes me go to school where she teaches puppies to sit and stuff, so I can get used to being around other people and dogs. Men come over to me and give me cookies now and can pet me sometimes... if they are not too scary.

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