Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taking Scampi to the Park

My work this week was Mommy and I taking Scampi to the Dog Park, because he needs to be "socialized" according to Mom. I don't really like the dog park, too many dogs not enough people. Mommy says is because I am old and cranky.

Wouldn't you get cranky after this??????
I think Scampi had fun trying to h*** all of the other dogs!

I just hung out at the water cooler, playing in the mud.
Scampi, trying to act tough...
Me, still at the water cooler.
I whined to go after this, Mom thinks I was not feeling well enough to go to the park quite yet.

Then I decided the rest of the day I would work at holding down the sunroom floor.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Ah yes!

The mud and water khooler!

Woo did your sibling duty and tried to show him some fun!

Your holding the floor down skills are supreme!

Woo are a role model fur all!

Khyra The Pawsylvania Siberian

Princess Eva and Brice, the Duke of Destruction said...

I don't like it when others sniff me either. I think it's really rude.

Princess EVa

The Army of Four said...

My mom's old and cranky and I still take her places.
ha roo roo roo!
Play bows,

Ozzie the OZmonster said...

Hi Kira,

I recognize the ear-curl whilst getting sniffed. Hmmmm. At least you worked up a good nap.


BeadedTail said...

It was nice of you to go with Scampi but I can certainly understand why you whined to go home. You did a great job holding down the floor though!

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Woo, Kira, you have such a pissed-off look on yur face in that one pic where the other doggie is sniffing yur butt! Wouldn't want to get on yur bad side!!

Yur friends,

-da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

Anonymous said...

Yer a good sissy to yer brudder. I see you had a good-lookin Bull Terror at the park with you, good for you! We like Bull Terrors.