Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesdays with Scampi

Sunshine! Letsatsi!

Kira thinks she can be queen of the sunshine, but really it is 
I who is sunshine King around here!

I love the sun! 
 I Rule!

Except for maybe Bentley our cat, who really rules the house!


MAX said...

Hey there, Scampi
I think Bentley and Toffee should get together...similar life outlooks!?! (What do you think?) But I think YOU are the King of "Letsatsi"! You guys are so cute!

Mango said...

Sun baking is a true art form that not every doggie can master like you. Rock on!


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

you look great sun bathing scampi--but yes--the cat is always in charge

Piappies World said...

Hi there Scampi,

Frappie, Mocha and Sugar are sunbathing piappies too! You surely enjoy the rays of sunshine.

-Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

Ehy Scampi.....
You look sooooooooooo relaxed and comfy getting your special sunbathing day!!!!
We would love were there with you....We (especially Milo) love take sunbathe....
But here we're getting lots of rainy and windy days...
We're looking forward sunny days...
pleaseeeeeeeeeeee......can we come over there and take sunbathe with you???
HAve a wonderful weeke dear friends!!!!!
sweet kisses and licks

Two Country Poodles said...

We love the sun too! You look awfully relaxed there sunbathing.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo & Foster Sibling Maggie Mae

The Army of Four said...

I would LOVE to curl up in a sunbeam today! Nothing but rain, rain, rain though. Hmm... come to think of it, falling asleep to the sound of raindrops sounds like a good idea, too.
Play bows,

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan said...

Well, everyone knows that cats are sunshine sponges, but you seem to be doing pretty well, Scampi!

TwoSpecialWires said...

Scampi, we know how to enjoy life ... snoozing in the sun! As Moma looked at your pictures, she glanced over at me in almost exactly the same position. In heaven. No wonder every once in a while, she lies down on the floor with us and naps right along ... feeling the warm rays and enjoying the pleasant dreams. Life is good!

Jake and Fergi xxoo

The OP Pack said...

Nothing wrong with having a King and a Queen in the house, but what does that make Bentley? Phantom loves the sun and lies down just like you do, Scampi.

Enjoy that sun, we have rain:(

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Martha and Bailey said...

Hi Scampi, cats are always in charge in our experience!
We loved your snoozing in the sunshine pictures.
Very relaxing.
We know this is your day but we also liked Kira in her new header pic!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Twinkietinydog said...

Bentley is both your home ruler and he loves the sun as much as you. Got it, Scampi :) Enjoy now

Ozzie the OZmonster & Zowie said...

The sun needs a king and queen. You both are quite qualified. Just dont tell that Huffle look-a-like

The Life of Riley said...

You all look so happy in the sun! I also loved seeing the pictures of you in a boat in your earlier post - that is something i would love to try one day.


Dory and the Mama said...

Good idea giving the kitty a kudos Scampi. It could come in useful at some later date!!

Happy Sunning!


The Thundering Herd said...

Your tan is really starting to look good.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo Hoo fur the beaWOOty on the header pikh!

Oh yes, nice Scampi pikhs too!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

It seems fair to me that Kira is the queen and you are the king, but Wilbur says that Bentley is above both king and queen.


Benny and Lily said...

The sun sure is lookin good.
Benny & Lily
Cool new blog

BeadedTail said...

You are a pro at sunbathing Scampi! It's good you realize that cats rule the house though!

Angel & Isabella

Tanuki Maxx said...

You tell em' Scampi!


Lorenza said...

I can see clearly who is the King of the Sun!
Kisses and hugs

elbouwii said...

enjoy the sun scampi! :)

El'bow & Hauwii

GonetoTheSnowDogs said...

You sure do look comfy in the sun!

Bella the Westie said...

Enjoy the sun but don't forget the sun screen (that what Dad tells me all the time, he doesn't want me sunbaking when it's more than 30 degrees celsius, he's afraid I'm gonna roast !)
Love, Bella

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Scampi du Roi-Soleil!

Mochi and Mommy said...

I love the sun too! :)

Huh? You pups let Bentley rule the house?